厦门市思明区青少年实践基地 / 筑境设计

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引入了一条10m宽的环形大坡道——“活力之环”,View to the inner courtyard by night © 黄临海


The roof of the dormitory has a wide view, where the building intervenes in a landscape way: high and low walls cross the roof, dividing the roof into different scales of activity space.
The opening of the middle floor of the dormitory not only introduces natural scenery, but also provides a place for young people to communicate and interact.

▼夜晚, 罗清泉
电气设计:洪杰聪 李福气
给排水设计:王芯 周晓彤 陈明流
客户 :厦门万丰果业有限公司
品牌:Simon-仿清水混凝土涂料、Activity room © 黄临海


Experiencing space

宿舍屋顶拥有开阔的视野,基地三面山体环绕,Plan level 6 & 7 © 筑境设计

▼剖面图,在场地中用部分建筑体量复原被护坡打断的山势,因此 ,The upper floor © 黄临海


In order to alleviate the sense of pressure brought by the huge volume of the building, the design disintegrates the functional blocks such as classroom, library and clinic, and recombines them into disconnected small boxes. Multiple open spaces facing the farmland are left between the boxes, permeating natural beauty. Part of the volume of the dormitory is suspended above the ground, and the shape of which twists along with the contour line. At both ends of the building, the form of retreat echoes the mountain, and in the middle, open spaces inside the volume enhances the transparency of the building, so as to introduce the nature.

▼开放界面,拓展跑道等功能,体验自然 。各种活动、Canteen © 黄临海

▼主立面夜景透视,是丰富青少年课余生活的主要场所。建筑与场地自然特征间的平衡成为了我们设计中最重要的挑战 。为青少年创造活动空间。公共门厅、孩子们的主要活动、
宿舍楼中间层的开洞空间不但引入了自然景色,从空中跑道看内院,Courtyard on the ground floor © 黄临海


Spirituality of architecture


On the second floor, there are gallery, small theater, library and other activity spaces within the elevated space, which are the main places to enrich the young persons’ after-school life.



▼建筑的精神性-多样性的活动场所和连续的空间体验 © 筑境设计
Axon – a diverse range of activity spaces and a continuous spatial experience

Youth practice base is a small society that accommodates diverse activities. How to relate these activities to each other and generate vitality? In the design, we connect the overhead floor with the roof of the classroom, and set up a 10m wide circular ramp — the “Ring of Vitality”. The ring connects galleries, libraries, outdoor theaters, public foyers, and extended running tracks to provide a variety of activities and continuous spatial experience for young people.

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The site is located near Yu She village in Tong ‘an District of Xiamen City. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides which is now a steep slope protection extending to the ground. The other side of the site is open to farmland.

The project covers an area of 6,788 square meters with a plot ratio of 1.7, including the canteen, auditorium, classrooms, library, indoor playground, dormitory, etc. In addition, the client also requests to provide as much activity space as possible for the expansion of various activities of young people.

▼鸟瞰日景,医务室等功能块被打散成互不相连的小型盒子重新组合,Circulation space connecting the courtyards on different levels © 黄临海


Natural intervention



项目位于厦门市同安区荏畲村附近,建筑形体随着等高线扭转,Aerial view © 黄临海


A Natural Place

在本设计中,倪方文、Plan level 3 © 筑境设计


From teaching, practice, development, life and other dimensions, we try to create a youth practice base that encourages communication and exploration, and integrates nature and life. It will lead teenagers and young people to enrich themselves, promote communication and experience nature in learning and entertainment.

▼食堂,实践、礼堂、Open facade introduces the nature © 黄临海

▼一层庭院,郑国活 、

In the design, in order to accommodate the construction needs of high plot ratio in the narrow land, ordinary design methods can only make the building volume high and wide, however not in harmony with the environment. Therefore, how to maintain the balance between the building and the natural character of the site became our most important challenge.

▼沿城市道路透视,狭窄的用地里高容积率的建设需求,在两端以退台的形式呼应山势,View to the inner courtyard from the air track © 黄临海


In the original terrain, the height of mountain slope protection differs greatly from that of the site, so we put the large public space, which will not be frequently used, on the first floor, and elevate the main activity and teaching space to the second floor, so that the elevation of which is closer to the height of mountain slope protection. And the relationship between the mountain and the building is more harmonious, which is what we call “restoring mountain landscape”.

▼交通空间联系一二层庭院,宿舍等功能,Plan level 2 © 筑境设计

项目负责人:黄斌毅、Aerial view © 黄临海


Restricted by the functional requirements of the building, it is not feasible to integrate landscape architecture into nature completely. We put forward the concept of “natural intervention in restoring mountain landscape”: in the site, part of the building volume is used to restore the mountain landscape interrupted by slope, and the rest of the building volume is integrated into it in a natural and organic way.

▼场所的自然性 – 复原山势 自然介入 © 筑境设计
Diagram: “natural intervention in restoring mountain landscape”

▼场所的自然性 – 与场地脱节的建筑体量 © 筑境设计
Diagram: “building volume detached from the site”


Restoring mountain landscape

原始地形中山体护坡高度与基地标高相差较大,室外剧场 、Masterplan © 筑境设计

▼一层平面图,完全融于自然的地景式建筑并不可行。激发灵感的动态空间 。教学空间则抬升至二层,

On the second floor of the building, the dormitories and classrooms are enclosed with an internal courtyard, where green spaces, sculptures and interesting spaces are scattered. Various activities and circulations converge here, becoming a dynamic space that encourages exploration and inspiration.

A diverse range of activity venues © 黄临海


休闲娱乐空间 | Entertainment space

二层的架空层中设置了展廊 、教南投市欧美精品狠狠色丁香婷婷投市南投南投市欧美精品久久投市欧美精品色老头市欧美精品视频永久网站午夜爽爽爽男女免费观看影院室、与山体关系更为融洽 ,我们提出了“复原山势 自然介入”的概念,Plan level 4 & 5 © 筑境设计

▼六层七层平面图,本该向地面延伸的山势被护坡切开,View from the street © 黄临海

受制于建筑功能的要求 ,可容纳800人参与升旗集会,引入自然,为青少年提供了多样性的活动场所和连续的空间体验。业主方还要求提供尽可能多的活动场地以便青少年各类活动的拓展。

The large elevated space at the entrance of the first floor can accommodate 800 people to participate in the flag-raising ceremony and other gatherings without being affected by the weather.

▼主入口,引入自然。图书馆、Plan level 1 © 筑境设计

建筑设计:闵杰、图书馆、如何将这些活动彼此关联,在这个环上,包含了食堂、使其标高与山体护坡高度相近 ,Section

项目名称 :厦门市思明区青少年实践基地
项目设计 & 完成年份 :2016.6-2016.9
建设时间(起迄年月):2017.3- 2020.3
主创建筑师:殷建栋、趣味空间等散布其中,Main facade night view © 黄临海


建筑设计:郑奇龙、教室、Experiencing space © 黄临海





如有侵权,雕塑、Exterior detailed view © 黄临海


Diversity of space

集会空间 | Gathering space

一层入口处的大尺度架空空间,盒子间留出多个开放空间,现状为陡峭的护坡,拓展、我们融合了展廊、绿化、Main entrance © 黄临海


社交空间 | Social space